₹40 Lakhs GTD – Dangal Value Series to Start at PokerDangal

Poker fest of the year ‘Dangal Value Series‘ with a whopping reward pool of Rs 40,00,000 GTD will start from 15th Aug – 22nd Aug only on PokerDangal. It’s making a splash in the world of Poker, so get ready to collect your stake of winning.

17th Aug is the day of the DVS MAIN EVENT. Hurry up & book your seats now, and stand a chance to win in the total prize pool of Rs. 10 LAKHS GTD. This opportunity runs out on 22nd Aug.

Don’t forget to log into PokerDangal every day @ 7:30 pm from 15th to 22nd Aug to enter the DVS Main event valuing INR 10 Lakhs GTD.

This time for all the Poker lovers, PokerDangal has launched the Satty tournament, starting from 12th – 21st Aug. Win from Rs.35L worth of prize pool at very low buy-ins.

Moreover, Players making it top of Daily and Series Leaderboards will win upto Rs. 5 lakh.

Here is the schedule for Dangal Value Series:

Buy InTimeTourneyTypeGTDBuy In
15th Aug8:00 PMDVS Freeroll BR Booster-20K GTD (RE)NLHE20,0000
16th Aug8:00 PMDVS Freeroll BR Booster-20K GTD (RE)NLHE20,0000
17th Aug1:00 PM DVS#1 – KICK-OFF 1.5 Lac GTD (R+A)NLHE1,50,000550
17th Aug3:00 PM DVS#2 – 1.2L GTD (RE)NLHE1,20,000660
17th Aug7:30 PM DVS Day1A Main – 10 Lac GTD (RE) 0990
17th Aug9:00 PM  DVS#3 – PLO5 DST 1.2L GTD (RE)PLO51,20,000660
18th Aug1:00 PM DVS#4 – KNOCKOUT 1.5 Lac GTD (RE)NLHE1,50,0001100+400
18th Aug3:00 PM DVS#5 – 1.2L GTD WTB (RE)NLHE1,20,000660
18th Aug7:30 PM DVS Day1B Main – 10 Lac GTD (RE)NLHE0990
18th Aug9:00 PM DVS#6 – PLO6 1.2Lac GTD (RE)PLO61,20,000660
19th Aug1:00 PM DVS#7 -DEEPSTACK 2 Lac GTD (RE)NLHE2,00,000990
19th Aug3:00 PM DVS#8 – KNOCKOUT 1L GTD (RE)NLHE1,00,000550+250
19th Aug7:30 PM DVS Day1C Main – 10 Lac GTD (RE)NLHE0990
19th Aug9:00 PM DVS#9 – PLO5 DST 1.2Lac GTD (PLO5)PLO51,20,000660
20th Aug1:00 PM DVS#10 – 1.5 Lac GTD (RE)NLHE1,50,000770
20th Aug3:00 PM DVS#11- TIME BOMB 1L GTD (RE)NLHE1,00,000550
20th Aug7:30 PM DVS Day1D Main – 10 Lac GTD (RE)NLHE0990
20th Aug9:00 PM  DVS#12 – PLO6 DST 1.2L GTD (RE)PLO61,20,000660
21st Aug1:00 PM DVS#13 – 2 Lac GTD (RE)NLHE2,00,000880
21st Aug3:00 PM DVS#14 – FREEZEOUT 1L GTDNLHE1,00,000550
21st Aug7:30 PM DVS Day1E Main – 10 Lac GTD (RE)NLHE0990
21st Aug9:00 PM DVS#15 – PLO5 1.2Lac GTD (RE)PLO51,20,000660
22nd Aug1:00 PM DVS#16 – 2.5 Lac GTD (RE)NLHE2,50,000990
22nd Aug2:00 PM DVS Day1F Main – 10 Lac GTD (RE)NLHE0990
22nd Aug3:00 PM DVS#17 – 1L GTD (RE)NLHE1,00,000550
22nd Aug4:00 PM DVS Day1G Turbo Main – 10 Lac GTD (RE)-Last chanceNLHE0990
22nd Aug8:00 PM DVS Day 2 Main- 10 Lac GTD (RE)NLHE10,00,000 
22nd Aug9:00 PM  DVS#18 – PLO6 DST 1.2L GTD (RE)PLO61,20,000660

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