5 Reasons Why this Site is the Only Choice Of Every Rummy Lover in India

5 Reasons Why this Site is the Only Choice Of Every Rummy Lover in India

In India, the game of Rummy or Paplu is a leisure machine for people from all walks of life. The game is simple to learn, and 100% fun to play. You just need to make a few simple sequences and sets of cards, and you are good to go. 

But, the emerging trend of playing rummy and earning real money through it raises a question – Which site is safe to play online rummy in India? 

Stay with us ladies & gentlemen, because down below in this article we are going to answer this question in detail. 

When a popular, offline, & family fun game-like Rummy goes online, then expecting an overwhelming response isn’t wrong. Especially when there are many chances to win big pools of real money

One of the safest & highly trusted online rummy websites in India like RummyDangal is a strong suggestion from the experts of IGN if you are excited to give a try in the world of cash rummy games & tournaments.

But we understand, and it is obvious to be skeptical about the safety of this platform. Some traditional players are even wondering does this website has enough bandwidth, payment gateways, and firewalls to secure themselves. And, the answer is a big ‘YES’

RummyDangal is a flagship product of India’s Fastest Cashout Online Games Platform – DANGAL GAMES. However, there are a few things you also should know to understand why every Indian is crazy about this platform. 

Giant Bonus on Signup & Biggest Promotions

Signup Bonus on RummyDangal

Only a few platforms in India are capable enough to provide you a signup bonus. And RummyDangal is topping the list of them. Here, you get to enjoy a whopping Rs 500 bonus on signup and that too without using any code or additional practices.

Big Returns on 1st Deposit

RummyDangal provides you free tables to practice and test your skills. If you enjoyed the gameplay, then you got to proceed with your 1st deposit. And, the catch here is that a mega bonus of INR 11500 is waiting for you on your 1st deposit at RummyDangal. Imagine! How cool is that? 

Unresistable Promotions

Signup and 1st deposit are fine. But, the team of RummyDangal will not just leave you to cater yourself on your own. These promotions are so exciting to keep your craving tuned to their flawless application

Perfectly Legal & 100% Safe

We all strike at some point to the question of legality in Rummy. But you should know that the honorable supreme court of India has clearly declared Rummy as a game of skill, and playing it online wagering cash is completely legal

Understanding the Game of Skill

A game of skill is somewhat, in which the outcome of your actions & gameplay primarily depends on your knowledge, expertise, playing style, experience, and tactics, instead of luck or chance. Hence, playing skill games like Rummy is not illegal, especially when you are doing it on reputed platforms like RummyDangal

Why RummyDangal is Legal & 100% Safe?

RummyDangal is one of those limited sites of India which is RNG certified, ITech Labs Certified, and has all the required certifications. The brand is quite popular and associated with top-grade payment gateways like Paytm, CCAvenue, RuPay, PayUBiz, and Ola Money.

Rigidly Secured Payment Gateways

The main concern every player encounters before playing online cash games is safety. The involvement of banking details could give chills to anyone. Authentic & fully certified online rummy platforms like RummyDangal use AI-driven payment layers. 

This helps them in the early detection of any fraudulent activity & prevents the compromisation of any detail or user information. RummyDangal also provides you various payment methods like credit/debit card, Paytm, payumoney, and net banking. 

So, involving in real money games with RummyDangal is a safe play shot you can take by sitting back relax. If you win a cash game or tournament, you can withdraw your winnings without any hustle within hardly 10 seconds. 

24×7 Personalized Account Managers

There’s a reason why RummyDangal is counted among the leading online rummy websites of India. The unmatched support service you get to enjoy here is not available anywhere. 

Whether your issue is small or big, you will be served by a 100% personalized account manager, who will stick to you by the end of your query. You can ping them, call them or contact them by any means, and can expect an assured solution to your trouble. 

For instance – If an interesting tournament or game is going to start in a few minutes and you are having any trouble with your payment gateways. Then you can quickly dial any of the below-given numbers and can secure a seat within no time. 

RummyDangal’s Personalized Account Managers’ Contact Details

  • 8178206303 
  • 9579782997
  • 9310615896
  • 7065202802,
  • 7065202801

Choice of Top Known Celebrities

Rummy is not a game popular among millennials only. Even Bollywood’s top-known celebs love to play & win real money here. 

Check out below their personal experience and what they feel about playing on RummyDangal.

Mika Singh at RummyDangal
Prem Chopra at RummyDangal
Sophie Chaudhary at RummyDangal

Absolute Fair & Artificial Intelligence-Driven

Those who frequently play offline must have seen people getting tricked by the card dealers. Or, the repetition of cards causes another level of annoyingness. 

At RummyDangal, everything regarding the dealing of cards, shuffling of cards, is totally automated via RNG (Random Number Generator). The RNG program ensures unpredictability and fair dealing of cards. 

This creates a satisfactory atmosphere of totally unbiased and equality in opportunity.

So, if you are still having some skeptical thoughts about which platform to play, then we would recommend you to quickly tap here & get started with India’s safest, quickest, and highly reliable online rummy platform.

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