Dangal Games Launches FantasyDangal

Dangal Games Launches’FantasyDangal’. 3 Reasons Why It Will Flourish Well In The Market of Fantasy Gaming

India’s top-scale online gaming brand ‘Dangal Games’ is walking into the market of Fantasy Sports by launching their whole new product – ‘FantasyDangal‘. 

FantasyDangal is a full-fledged platform to enjoy multiple fantasy sports & encash real money with extreme thunder of fun. 

The company made a smart decision by launching it right before the IPL 2021. As multiple options prevailing already have confused the audience with which one to select, FantasyDangal could bring a great response on behalf of yearly build trust of Dangal Games

However, the application will go live on 9th April, offering you accessibility to enjoy both Indian and International tournaments to be played in both men & women categories, you’ll need to hold your horses till then.

Dangal Games’ recently secured $1 Million ‘Series A’ funding is looking well under an intelligent utilization. 

Even ‘Mr. Varun Mahna’ – Founder & CEO, Dangal Games shared his thoughts on this when asked – “FantasyDangal is our first product outside the card game space so we are excited about how it does. We will begin with cricket and in the next quarter, we will add the rest of the games. Unlike poker or rummy, fantasy sports caters to the masses so there is no dearth of opportunities to create a huge user base despite being an intensely competitive industry,”

3 Reasons Why ‘FantasyDangal‘ is guaranteed to Succeed ✔️

Play 1st Match 100% FREE

Play 1st Match 100% FREE

In 2021, it’s truly hard to get something actually free, isn’t it? Well, not with FantasyDangal. With a splashing bonus of INR 75 on signup, FantasyDangal lets you enjoy your first match for 100% FREE. 

This also provides you the flexibility to adapt to their application and check how the services are, without losing sweat and a single penny.

Unlimited RAF Program

Besides multiple sports & gaming segments, this fresh new product of Dangal Games gratifies the users with real money. It has also introduced an unlimited referral program, where users can invite their friends and earn a real cash bonus. 

Another interesting benefit users receive, is the ability to convert their FantasyDangal points into real cash and join any cash contests for a particular match. 

Absolutely Flawless Application

FantasyDangal Application

This is classified as one of the most distinguished features of Dangal Games‘ Products. The thrill transfusion applications you get to enjoy here, are absolutely flawless and provide you a premium set of standards. 

Buttery-smooth user interface, Vibrant Colors, Quick yet simple to use design, Shortcut Tabs, all are genuinely awesome & build for gamer of each level.

Digital platforms like Disney+ Hotstar, Voot, etc are gearing up too, for presenting ‘FantasyDangal’ in between this IPL 2021.

We know how surprising is Dangal Games with its products and offers, but what exactly they will be bringing with FantasyDangal is seeming extravagant.

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