LANG You Must Know to Play Indian Rummy Professionally

From the most sought out professions to highly frivolous activities, every field in our life has established its own language for clean communication. Likewise from every newcomer to an existing professional, it is crucial to master the language of that particular area of interest for deep & free-flow communication. 

Rummy games are one such source of entertainment that is boomed after the COVID-19 lockdown. The popularity of it has lead to emerge a whole new world on the web. Hence, if you are looking to try your hand in this awesome game of skill & money, then you better learn the lang, slang & terminology of it. 

Here are some you should practice on:-


A natural sequence is often called LIFE in Indian Rummy. This is an important component as it would decide whether you need to formulate other sequences & sets. So, if you ever hear anyone saying that they’ve got LIFE, then it’s understood that they have a natural run. 


This is the amount that you need to put to play a points match in Rummy. It is calculated by multiplying the point value that players have selected with the maximum points of the game. 


This is when a player decides to discard a card without thinking about its importance to others. 


This is a term someone uses when he/she thinks that they have received the worst selection of cards. Some other slangs used for this are quite & drop.


Melding is the process of arranging the cards in a way the game is playable according to the rules. You just need to know what’s the acceptable way of melding cards within a stated period of time, especially in an online game. 


A Joker card is also usually stated with this term. This card is used to fill in a sequence or set and in Indian rummy carry no points. Although, the use of WILD CARDS is allowed only after a formation of natural rummy.

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