Poker Dangal unveils 6 card plo

PokerDangal unveils 6 Card PLO

PokerDangal’s action-packed 6 card Pot Limit Omaha is all set to take the poker universe by storm.

When it comes to redefining skill sport Poker in India, no one does it better than PokerDangal. More than 2 lakh monthly subscribers, i-Tech certified gaming technology, fastest & directly cashable winnings enabled by unique features like “Dangal ATM”  & exquisite freerolls alongside promotions have elevated it to one of India’s hot-favourites amongst Poker community. 

Fresh out of the success of its monthly headliner Dangal Value series which saw 456 players winning from a glitzy pool of Rs 35 lakhs gtd carrying a sheer leaderboard worth Rs 3 lakhs, PokerDangal wasted no time in rolling out the next ace up its sleeves. 

Introducing 6 card PLO is a masterstroke given the rising popularity of this action-driven poker variation in international & domestic markets alike. Not many gaming brands in the Indian poker arena can boast of offering 6 card PLO yet. With this move PokerDangal has made its already-stellar lineup—Texas Hold’em, Omaha & 5 card PLO— all the more irresistible for die-hard Poker junkies.

It’s now available for all ranges of low-to-mid stakes for playing online at

What’s so exciting about 6 card PLO?

Played with a maximum of 7 players, 6 card Omaha differs from the  standard Omaha in the number of opening cards dealt to each player. As is evident from the name, all the players receive 6 hole cards each instead of  4 as in  the standard version. 

2 more cards in each opponent’s hands means a lot of things. For starters it makes way for a whopping range of 15 potential combos for the starting hand as opposed to 6 possibilities in Omaha. This in turn inflates the chances of making  flush, straight  & full house opportunities.

The best 5 card hand in 6-card PLO is made using 2 of the hole cards out of 6 & 3 community cards out of 5. 

It’s most certainly a flop-driven game, such that you have to wait till the flop to judge exactly how strong your starting hand is. However having a well coordinated pre-flop hand will be your key to drawing to the absolute nuts. 

Get, set & bring your Poker brains to  & experience the thrill of action with 6 card PLO!

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