Tesla’s New Game Development Team will build a brand-new gaming platform.

The sale of Tesla’s electric vehicles has abruptly increased since it launched its gaming console ‘Tesla Arcade’ last year in June. It looks like Elon Musk has decided to make his feet rigid in the sector of Gaming, as the hiring for game-centric job profiles has been started in Tesla.

As reported by a trusted source, the new job listings are a few more software-focused, including a Video Games Engineer, Software Engineer, Rendering Engineer, and Graphic Data Engineer.

These jobs seem to get add-in already existing gaming team of Tesla, operating in Washington.

Particularly, the Job listing asks to develop an entire gaming platform, rather than singular games. The description is as follows:-

“In this incredibly rare opportunity to help build a video games platform, we are looking for a highly encouraged software engineer to help enable the best video game content to be available in-car. Come put that industry experience to great use and help us build this platform.”

The games that are already available to enjoy on Tesla Arcade are fully licensed, including Fallout Shelter, and Cuphead, so Tesla doesn’t actually have its eyes on first-person games for now. However, the company once approached Nintendo to build a licensing an in-car version of Mario Kart. But, when the gaming giant refused, then the company went for unpopular Beach Buggy Racing 2.

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